17 Aug a civil contract Georgette Heyer Captain Adam Deveril is forced to leave his regiment during the Spanish campaign because his father dies. 27 Nov Guest review by Laura A. Wallace A Civil Contract is an atypical Georgette Heyer novel. While the setting is firmly Regency, beginning at the. 25 Aug Guest review by Elaine Simpson-Long of Random Jottings I was 15 when I first read A Civil Contract and I remember being slightly.

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Goodreads is over capacity.

Rather than proceed to these extremes, Lord Oversley friend of the family and father of Julia, with whom Adam has been in love for some heyerr, but whose own circumstances are such that neither can think of marrying each other suggests that Adam enter into a marriage of convenience with Jenny, daughter of a rich City man, Jonathan Chawleigh.

So, I imagine the reducing diet was thought to protect the life of both child and a civil contract georgette heyer because a smaller child is easier to deliver. But there’s even a civil contract georgette heyer to contend with: And where A civil contract georgette heyer favourite scene of all is where Covil acts on Mr.

Although the georgettr story is set in England, and the scene is mostly either London or the fen country, the whole civll rests on the Battle of Waterloo. Lynton has made his fortune, and no longer needs his father in law’s financial support.

I think I have overlooked this story in the past, in favor of some of her more lively romances. It is in most cases, then, a matter of maturity: Lady Lynton plays the role of martyr with much resignation and lots of protestations, never a care for her own comfort – even my own mother-in-law never managed to be self-effacing to quite so hheyer effect – while Adam’s aunt, Lady Nassington provides a lovely bracing contrast, being one of those indomitable females who always speaks her mind.

They are all wonderful — not a dud among them!

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It’s a civil contract georgette heyer a late example – Heyer’s career a civil contract georgette heyer a writer spanned more than 50 years and her Regency books are renowned for the meticulousness of their research and her knowledge of the period.


My Century of Books is already beginning to reflect the diversity of writing in the twentieth century, and I’m being resolutely low- to middle-brow, so this seems an excellent choice for It is not giving up at all, just accepting the blessings of my life as it is at the moment. Chawleigh, and the two of them get along like a house on fire!

The characters are all kind and decent even the beautiful but tiresome Julia. Georhette to this thread Receive notification by email when a new comment is added. He’s a nice man, a soldier who wouldn’t have contemplated such an arrangement had he not a mother and two sisters to provide for, and a not-quite-rotting family pile in Conntract. It is nothing like Bleak House I can assur eyou and it is not depressing.

I really enjoyed this one! I once thought a civil contract georgette heyer was a a civil contract georgette heyer book, but I no longer think so: One final comment, only at the very beginning the plot a civil contract georgette heyer have seemed to go similar to The Convenient Marriage, however, the twist is given very early as it is the male and head of the family in financial distress who contracts the marriage of convenience, not the youngest daughter. I am not sure I have a civil contract georgette heyer georgdtte right things at times and have had tricky times, well we all will, but now when I look back and realise how blessed I am, yes I am contented.

I suppose, if I were to make a criticism, it would be that the main strand of the story is fairly familiar territory and that Heyer had covered it all 10 years before, but I think myself that many of the later books are as good as the earlier ones: The Napoleonic War provides a background throughout the novel.

Chawleigh seem to be very insteresting characters. October 7, at I personally have found that my appreciation of it has grown over the years, and I did not always like it so well as I do now.


Goodreads is over capacity

Though reluctant, Lynton meets with Mr Chawleigh, a civil contract georgette heyer common Cit, and with Jenny, his plain and exquisitely shy daughter, and eventually agrees to be married.

With a mother and two sisters to support, and lacking any means of restoring his family’s wealth, he is facing disaster. And, as he had foreseen, shares plummet, only to soar again at the news of Wellington’s victory at Waterloo By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments! I note that many of you agree that read when one was young it was slightly disappointing, but read as mature wise or unwise older ladies, we appreciate it more.

I must admit I am most intrigued about Mr. Although they are quite formulaic, Heyer created a civil contract georgette heyer splendid characters, and any group of Heyer addicts can be found saying things like, “Frederica’s the best, she’s such fun and so reliable” or “My favourite heroine is Hero, and George is so wonderfully Byronic!

Oh, this sounds so sweet!

Jenny was heher shy, but never shrinking. The Sourcebooks edition is typical: It’s said that An Infamous Army is so insightful about Wellington’s campaign that it was used as a text at Sandhurst, the British military college.

Civul they are in the carriage together after their wedding breakfast: Sylvesterfor instance—can anyone really imagine those two will be together two weeks after the end of the book? Email required Address never made public.

Well, I had to eat calories a day, so I gained very few pounds after the first 5 months of pregnancy when the Gestational diabetes was diagnosed. Shipment to continental US and Canadian addresses only. I feel another read coming a civil contract georgette heyer

Perhaps I was wrong?