BOZANSTVENA KOMEDIJA I – III (PAKAO – CISTILISTE – RAJ) [Dante Alighieri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri illustrated by italian artists edited by Vittorio Alinari. Panel depicting the meeting between Dante and Virgil from canto I of. Get this from a library! Božanstvena komedija: pakao. [Dante Alighieri, Dichter Italien; Iso Kršnjavi].

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As this book is very old, so i was wondering is it tough to read and understand? Is this book supposed to lead us on a better path to God so we don’t end up in Hell? AlpacaSparkle The sins of their ancestors; Adam and Eve dante alighieri pakao the forbidden fruit: Dante alighieri pakao was born inso either way, he was writing at the very dawn of the Renaissance period.

The real challenge is the historical and theological background of Inferno, which is complex. The best way to ensure a good experience with this poem is for you to choose a translation that is intended to be readable, with good dante alighieri pakao on the text.

It’s early Renaissance literature, as the Italian Renaissance was the earliest phase dante alighieri pakao the general Renaissance movement that …more Yes, of course it is.

Also, the review is supposed to go with the Michael Palma translation, not this one. I studied Italian in school, can I attempt this in its original or should I go with a translation? Fakat hemen arka sayfada ibni Sina ve Ibn-i Rust de gorunuyorlar. alihgieri

Author:Dante Alighieri

To ask other readers questions about Pakaoplease sign wlighieri. I have seen bright teenagers handle it without any trouble at all, in terms of their dante alighieri pakao to comprehend the vocab. Will Peter Thornton be doing translations of Purgatorio and Paradiso as well?


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Purgatorio shows dante alighieri pakao struggling to grow up and stop being infantile sinners. Ask and answer dznte about books! I mean the Vocab and all.

Božanstvena komedija: Pakao – Dante Alighieri – Google Books

Most people will read it in translation from the original 13th-century Italian, so the vocabulary will vary in …more That’s kind of a tricky question. Rekin Teksoy cevirisinin Why do you suppose Dante decided to place those who came before Christ in Hell when they would never have had a chance to prevent themselves from ending up there?

Cain committed the first murder against able: I cut my teeth on the poem with the translation dante alighieri pakao Mark Musa, which you can find in The Portable Dante.

Alignieri also, he spends a lot of time talking about medieval Dante alighieri pakao Catholic theology, applying it to the story at hand. Edward Richmond That’s kind of a tricky question. Depending whom you cite as authority on the matter, the Italian Renaissance started in the late s or alighkeri s.

In general, any reasonably recent translation will be quite intelligible to most readers. Each little vignette reveals something …more The Divine Comedy which is not just the Inferno — read all three parts! Why is he obsessed with hell? Dante was a high-ranking career politician in Florence, and was subsequently exiled from there, stripped of his property and dante alighieri pakao to flee for his life.

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Can Dante’s Divine Comedy Inferno, specifically may be considered renaissance literature? It’s early Renaissance literature, as the Italian Renaissance was the earliest phase of the general Renaissance movement that swept Western Europe. It’s easily my favorite of those that are commonly available, and I have had glowing reviews of it from friends who wanted an accessible introduction to the poem. It has fairly good explanatory notes.


He makes a lot of references to political events that most modern readers won’t understand. Most people will read it in translation from the original 13th-century Italian, so the vocabulary will vary in difficulty depending on the translators’ goals. He was an intensely political man, extremely well educated, and he was nursing grudges that show up in the poem. Everything is run on instead of being in tercets. And the Paradisio — is about science!

See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Dante alighieri pakao Richmond Yes, of course it is. Characteristics of Dante’s work that support its classification as early Renaissance versus late medieval: Each little vignette reveals something dante alighieri pakao about the human mind.

A dante alighieri pakao recent, and possibly better choice, especially if you like parallel text translations, is the Inferno translation by Durling and Martinez, which has excellent dante alighieri pakao. My formatting in the quotations was lost when Good Reads posted my review. For many persons of the greatest worth were held”: If these people never had the chance to worship Christ, I don’t understand how they can be condemned to such a place.

Why yes, or why not?