11 Oct In the expanding vocabulary of manic depression, bipolar 1 disorder denotes episodes of depression alternating with mania (which may be. 11 Feb Electroboy is an emotionally frenzied memoir that reveals with kaleidoscopic intensity the terrifying world of manic depression. For years Andy. 1 Feb ELECTROBOY: A Memoir of Mania. Andy Behrman, Author. Random $ ( p) ISBN

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This is a powerful and engaging memoir of a man in the throes of true manic depression not that with which too many people claim to be afflicted because they have ups and downs and his journey for potential relief.

Aug 15, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: I’ve heard about this memoir for years, and electroboy a memoir of mania read it. It’s so This is a weird book.

Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania by Andy Behrman

Seven psychotherapists misdiagnosed Behrman before his life ground to a halt. I feel as if I’ve just smoked cocaine and drifted high into the clouds, and I am struggling to stay awake.

She shows me an entire counter filled with cashmere sweaters all electroboy a memoir of mania different styles. I electrobly myself not to go to the beach ever again. A Bipolar Life, by Marya Hornbecker, because Behrman’s troubles are more along the lines of drug abuse and sex addiction which leads to ,emoir, while Hornbecker’s electtoboy led her to anorexia and cutting; both are treatment-resistant conditions which are deadly if not treated.

I forgot about this one, red it years electroboy a memoir of mania. If you want mere information, try Google or a broch “Electroboy” is one of the better Bipolar memoirs I’ve read. I’d love a bagel. I don’t think his illness completely explains his self indulgence and he was in PR and honestly I feel it, the way the book is written feels like it’s been crafted a bit for a marketing effort. Is it day or night? He has the excuse of a serious mental disorder electroboy a memoir of mania lessen his culpability or even assuage his conscience.


Electroboy is currently being made into a major motion picture. Return to Book Page. If you want mere information, try Google or a brochure, not a memour.

Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania

They are largely dormant but still existent when I’m manic. For a brief moment, I’m confused as to where I am.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Oct 14, Nathan Daniels rated it it was amazing Shelves: It sounds relaxing, but I’m finding that I’m not that good at having fun on these trips.

Perhaps it is the demi-monde of New York that appeals: I’m stealing from my own freezer. A memoir by one of those 80’s yuppie schmucks. Go through the mail.

At first, the ankle bracelet is a novelty with which I entertain my friends.

It’s the middle of the day. This makes a huge splash. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He continually says how unreliable he is You can reach him at www.

The shocking adventures of Electroboy

But it is showering that underscores the humiliation of house arrest: But the dramatic electrpboy pattern agitates me. Berhman comes to terms with his illness, but it is almost an afterword, the last chapter of a book that had much more to do with recounting, with voyeuristic nostalgia, all the sad deeds that make up the largest part of pf life.

I envy his playboy type lifestyle. Seeing how he took the medications and his rationals for taking them the way he did was familiar. Andy Behrman comes across as a spoiled electroboy a memoir of mania kid from the get.

Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania – Andy Behrman – Google Books

I’m looking forward to my fourth and final treatment. He enjoyed drug binges and cross-continental shopping trips and sex with strangers. Certain parts made me absolutely cringe. I think the point was that the reader would feel bad for him, because the mania is driving him or whatever, but he was just so unapologetic, so boastful, so preening and proud. And I don’t like any of it. He’s in New York hustling for the month and wiring money back to his wife and two kids in Las Vegas. Want to Read saving….


She tells us one of the main criticisms is that there is no electroboy a memoir of mania scientific explanation of how it works, only a number of unsubstantiated theories.

Even though the guy is doing some really high-stakes and sometimes outrageous stuff and staying up for days at a time, the events are told in a sort of monotone, electroboy a memoir of mania the excitement of what’s going on isn’t really captured at all.

I’m in a hospital about to get electroshock. They carry milk, soda, fruit and beer. The prosecution and imprisonment for the crime leads him to finally confront the illness and find a new way to be himself but without the destructive aspects of the illness. Yet for all “the crazies” he paints a compelling picture of a life lived fully despite his lot.

Most interestingly, he doesn’t even realize that something is not quite right with him, until the very end of the electroboy a memoir of mania. Both are excellent books to sound the depths of an illness that manifests so differently in different people, well written and insightful. University of Sheffield ku. I take two Prozac, two more Klonopin, one lithium and one Anafranil.