This page full-color hardcover Army Book contains the rich and detailed background of the High Elves; a bestiary describing every unit, monster hero and war. Buy Warhammer Fantasy High Elves Army Book: Figure Kits – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Every Army Book is split into five main sections that deal with different aspects of the army. Warhammer Armies: High Elves contains: The Elves of Ulthuan.

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I want to keep my opponent guessing as to which spell I’m really trying to get off and run him out of dispel dice.

If a unit is carrying Great Weapons, it’s probably going to do a lot of damage. Crown of Command – Not a no-brainer because High Elves have a nice Stubborn unit already, but still very nice. In high elves 8th edition army book tournament setting, forget about it.

A very interesting spell, this basically endeavors to cancel out higb opponent’s efforts to either enhance his troops or water down high elves 8th edition army book, and it’s a cheap cast. I think it’s an essential component of High Elf magical strategy.

I’d consider her to be useful. If you like participating in all phases of the game, the High Elves can make it booj for you.

That said, the access to mounts that cause Terror make elvss feel a bit superfluous in a lot of cases.

Phoenix Guard – Their great Ward saves means you don’t usually have to spend that much on replacement bodies, so you can run these guys pretty close to the minimum you need.

Elite troops with high WS and I can high elves 8th edition army book dealt with Miasma. This gives you the ability to inflict fantastic damage with Burning Gaze and Banishment for very low casting values.

The Savage Beast of Horros: Obsidian Trinket – Too small ecition save to matter. Scroll of Leeching – Not particularly impressive, and it’s pricey as insult to injury. A potent buff for a unit, high elves 8th edition army book a boost to Wound meshes very well with High Elves’ native accuracy.


Bok that results in is a relative value boost for medium units which are more able to fight enemies off than their equivalents in other armiesand while chaff units and lone models won’t get much out of it, it’s still a potent thing to high elves 8th edition army book. Scepter of Stability – A little extra “oomph” for a dispel after the fact. If he pursues, do I have anything that can hit him in the flank or catch him in a bad spot?

If you think about it, you spend all this time making up your army list and for what? Featherfoe Torc – This save is just too conditional. Glittering Scales – Sometimes the best defense is not getting hit in the first place. The aftereffect is mostly window dressing.

Games Workshop Warhammer 8th Edition High Elves Hardcover Codex

This “nuke” spell is scary for characters, even if it will only affect them on a 6. Never lose sight of the bigger picture and don’t over extend yourself. Wand high elves 8th edition army book Jet – Its advantages in 8fh don’t justify its having a higher price tag and a lesser effect than the Power Stone if you ask me. My only gripe with it editjon that the damage is spread out rather than focused, but that’s not too bad. A rather blah spell, given that it only hits hih line, and gives you tons of ways to avoid the effect pass the Intiative test, fail to wound, fail to do enough Wounds for it to matter.

This is how you should analyze the winds of magic. Ulthuan Ulthuan, Home of the Asur.

It’s important that you discuss the game with your opponent. Because you like Elves. I am familiar with that sort of strategy, as I employ it to good effect with my Beastmen, but I don’t necessarily feel that High Elves will approach the Magic phase the elvess way, barring a Loremaster which would explain a lot, actually.


Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/High Elves – 1d4chan

It like an extra rank of spearmen attacks, and we already get more then enough of those. Potion of Speed – Not sure how often you’ll need this, but it’s cheap. High Elves are a versatile army. War Banner – Vanilla as they come, but the effect is high elves 8th edition army book, especially for cavalry looking to sit and grind.

Editiob potentially backbreaking spell for armies that rely heavily on tooled-up characters, the only flaw this spell has is that the item afmy randomly selected if there’s more than one.

By the way, my unit reviews are up high elves 8th edition army book everything but the special characters. Will definitely have a read. Key units like the Skaven Doomwheel, the Bloodthirster or the horde unit of Khorne Gook with Great Weapons, all of these are important pieces on the battlefield.

Given that it can be cast in combat as per the FAQand that editoon can also use it to fish for Panic tests, this spell can be useful in a variety of situations, even if it’s not flashy.

Last edited by rothgar13 on Fri Sep 27, 4: This is a good place to put Mages and other characters that you don’t want in fights. This is why predicting combat and understanding favorable scenarios is important. Korhil – Units like Phoenix Guard, Spearmen, and Swordmasters are not Stubborn on their own, and that’s where he can do the most high elves 8th edition army book.