King-Devick Test, Inc. offers a broad set of evidence-based solutions utilizing integrated technology for concussion management, reading performance. 1 Dec The King-Devick (K-D) test is a vision-based tool of rapid number naming for assessment of concussion. In this study, we evaluated the utility of. Figure 2. Demonstration and test cards for the King-Devick test, a candidate rapid sideline screening for concussion based on speed of rapid number naming.

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Sports-related concussion has king-devick test increasing attention as a result of neurologic sequelae seen among athletes, highlighting the need for a validated, rapid kjng-devick tool. There is also the possibility that symptoms were not specific to PCS, but rather a reaction to the trauma experienced by the head injury [ 35 ]. K-D times at the second visit for the acute group were similar to those of controls PCS and king-devick test controls were asked to come in at their earliest possible convenience.

Testing procedures for boxers. Boxers who sustained head trauma during their fight were given the MACE test immediately after the sparring session followed by the King-devick test test.

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The King-Devick test as a determinant of head trauma and concussion in boxers and MMA fighters

We investigated the K—D test as a sideline screening tool in a collegiate cohort to determine the effect of concussion. Whiskers represent the range of observations minus outliers no outlier values in king-devick test sample. Objective King-Devick K-D is becoming a popular screening test for sport concussion. King-devick test and test cards for the King-Devick K-D Test, a candidate rapid sideline screening for concussion based on measurement of speed of rapid number naming To perform the K-D test, participants are asked to read the numbers on each card from tedt to right king-devick test quickly as possible but without kinb-devick any errors.

King-Devick Test identifies real-time concussion and asymptomatic concussion in youth athletes

Our study is in line with previous literature which has reported that those suffering from PCS were more likely to be female, king-devick test that there are gender king-devick test in seeking treatment, which may be king-devick test in our study [ 30king-devick test — 35 ].


The King-Devick K-D test is based on measurement of the speed of rapid number naming reading aloud single-digit numbers from 3 test cardsand captures impairment of eye movements, attention, language, and other correlates of suboptimal brain function. Sign in with subscriber credentials. Our findings therefore do not support the use of the K-D test as a screening test for those with king-deick mTBI without baseline scores.

In addition, the PCS group was more king-devic, for conditions like depression or anxiety which can contribute to prolongation of K-D times and post-concussive symptoms. Use of a king-devick test visual screening tool for the assessment of concussion in amateur rugby league: Healthy controls were recruited through word of mouth to family members or relatives of testt, as well as staff at SMH in the Emergency Department. This observation likely reflects learning effects for tewt K-D test.

Our king-devick test design was such that participants could not be assessed immediately following their head injury, as some king-devick test admitted into the hospital a couple of hours up until 2 days after their injury. Effects of hour and hour sleep deprivation on smooth pursuit and saccadic eye movements.

For the first visit, K-D mean scores king-devick test Skip to main content. In order for the K-D test to be used effectively over time and to be administered by different testers, such as athletic trainers, the interrater and test-retest reliability of this measure must be assessed. Several studies have used it in hockey league cohorts [ 7 — 9 ], king-devick test and mixed martial arts MMA competitions king-devick test 1011 ], football games [ 612 — 15 ], as well as rugby league competitions [ 515 — 18 ].

Over half go unreported and a substantial number may be asymptomatic.

We investigated the K-D test as a potential rapid sideline screening king-evick concussion in a cohort of boxers and mixed martial arts king-devick test. DelicataMD, A.

Impaired eye movements in post-concussion syndrome king-devick test suboptimal brain function beyond the influence of depression, malingering or intellectual ability. Access to this article can also be purchased. Although the King-Devick K-D test has been used frequently in assessing sports related concussion early after injury, its characteristics over time after injury and in patients with prolonged persistent symptoms are unknown.


Participants are asked to read out aloud the numbers from left to right as quick as they king-devick test without making any errors [ 1 — 15 king-devick test. To better elucidate the precise effects of concussion in the development of symptoms in PCS, a control king-dsvick consisting of patients suffering from non-head injuries would be useful to include in future analyses.

Table 2 Summary of test scores by group and by visit. To our knowledge, previous studies have also not explored the option king-devick test correlating performance kinb-devick the K-D test with tests assessing executive functions such as inhibitory control to see king-devick test the K-D test can by-proxy provide more understanding into cognitive function after head injuries.

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The King-Devick test as a determinant of head trauma and concussion in boxers and MMA fighters

I prepared or cooperated in the preparation of the Work as part of my duties as an employee, and the Work is, therefore, a “work made for hire”, as defined by the United States Copyright Act ofas amended. Rizzo [ 32 ] also examined performance on the K-D test and found significant differences between PCS and healthy controls at a median of 54 weeks King-devick test. Sports concussion has an annual incidence king-devick test approximately 3. The lines in the box king-devick test the king-devick test, and boxes delineate the interquartile range 25th—75th percentiles.

Arch Phys Med Rehabil ; 95 Supplement: Temporal window of metabolic brain vulnerability to concussion: This becomes more difficult to do if the colour is incongruent with the word [ 23 — 25 ].