Mitsubishi E Variable frequency drive (VFD) Instruction Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter. This Instruction Manual provides instructions for advanced use of the FR-E series inverters. Incorrect. 10 Jan Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter. This Instruction Manual ( basic) is intended for users who “just want to run the inverter”.

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Page 2 After setting “2” in Pr.

Write disable error ER2: Page Page – When the rated motor frequency is 60Hz Page 64 Connection of stand-alone option units Wiring It is recommended to configure a mitsubishi e700 vfd manual, which shuts off power in the input side of the in- verter by the external thermal relay as shown below, mitsubishi e700 vfd manual prevent overheat and burnout of the high duty brake resistor FR-ABR in case the regenerative brake transistor is damaged.

Selection of operation mode and operation location Parameter PU operation interlock Pr. Brake opening request signal BRI signal: Relays To prevent a contact fault, etc.

Use sink logic when the FR-HC is connected. The motor will coast if enough regenerative energy is given from the motor. A program should be created so that transmission mitsubishi e700 vfd manual disabled receiving state when the computer is not sending and reception is disabled sending state during sending to prevent the computer from receiving its own data.


Operation selection at power failure Parameter Operation continuation at instantaneous power failure function Pr. Use this function to prevent parameter values from being rewritten by misoperation. OV3 OV During Dec Indication FR-PU07 Name Regenerative over voltage shut-off during deceleration or stop If regenerative energy causes the inverter’s internal main circuit DC voltage to reach or Description exceed the specified value, the protective circuit is activated to stop the inverter output.

PRM indication is lit. Page – A.

Communication operation and setting Parameter 6. Otherwise you may get an electric shock. Page Cumulative — — You can check the numbers of the energization time mitsubishi e700 vfd manual value exceeded h with Pr. Dancer control PID control dancer control setting Pr.

Fr-e And Fr-e Removal and reinstallation of the front cover Installation 2. Page Motor brake and stop operation Parameter Use Pr.


Page – Checking the inverter and converter modu Inspection, Daily Inspection, Periodic Inspection Tighten them according to the specified tighten- ing torque.

Page The PI action and PD action are combined to mahual the advantages of both actions for control. The gain frequency is changed from 50 Hz to 40 Hz. Page For write, set the data as a control input instruction. Turn the digital dial mitsubishi e700 vfd manual to change it to the setting value of “10”. Do not use these pins for RS communication. Page When C1 is used to calibrate the full meter deflection in this mode manusl value of “” mitsubishi e700 vfd manual displayed.


Check first when you have troubles Troubleshooting 7. Monitor display and monitor output signals Parameter Cumulative energizing power monitor and clear Pr. Frequency setting manuak external terminals Parameter Frequency setting by external terminals Refer to Purpose Parameters that must be set Section Make frequency setting by combina- Multi-speed operation Pr.

Although “” can be written, no func- tion mitsubishi e700 vfd manual available. Maintenance Timer Alarm pr.

Mitsubishi FR-E700 2.2kW 230V 1ph to 3ph – AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller

Selection of operation mode and operation location Parameter Selection of control source in network operation mode Pr.

When is set in Pr. For details, refer to section 6. Remote Output Function rem, Pr.

Mitsubishi Electric FR-E700 Instruction Manual

Always keep the inverter clean. Path through power supply propagated noise cable Ground wire by Overall wiring mitsubishi e700 vfd manual when the parameter unit is connected: Do not use solvent, such as acetone, benzene, toluene and alcohol, as they will cause the inverter surface paint to peel off. Changing the terminal assignment using Pr. N maximum 32 unitssetting is 0 to stations Pr.

Page Operation selection at power failure Parameter Operation continuation at instantaneous power failure function Pr.