Register for Pranic Psychotherapy Course to learn techniques to protect yourself from negative thoughts and emotions and how to create shields on your aura. Pre-requisite: Advanced Pranic Healing. PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY is the 3rd level that forms the basis of most healings. According to recent medical studies. The Pranic Psychotherapy book is a companion resource to the MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy course. It is not meant to replace an in-person workshop; rather.

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It is not uncommon that in gealing the first session, a phobia is percent gone. Addictions, traumas, phobias, compulsive behavior, depression, anxiety, grief, irritability are some of the most common disorders that pranic healing psychotherapy people suffer through. Month at a Glance. Waiting for next Level.

Each negative thought and emotion creates packets of energy called psyfhotherapy or thought-entities that contaminate our aura. Pranic Psychotherapy offers you pranic healing psychotherapy ability to quickly and safely release negative thoughts and emotions like fear, anger and resentment that may be limiting you from your greater potential.

Removing the negative influences e.

Pranic Psychotherapy Course

Healing the effects of psychic attacks that can cause anxiety attacks, irritability, bad luck or even financial ruin. Pranic Psycotherapy is a powerful tool in healing psychological ailments and can be used to complement clinical psychology and psychiatry. Techniques for pranic healing psychotherapy of the healer, objects and environment.

Advanced Pranic Healing Course. This course bridges the gap between the mind, physical body and the human energy system, providing new dimensions to traditional psychotherapeutic measures and practices.

Removing the negative influences e. Techniques for Compulsive Pranic healing psychotherapy, Phobias, and Addictions like alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, food praic and depression physical and emotionaland more. Repairing damaged or cracked protective webs in the charkas to prevent future intrusions.


Oftentimes, they are met with feelings of embarrassment and, because of pranic healing psychotherapy, can go on for years without ever being treated. In fact, during class time we encourage the students to do their best to completely remove real-life emotional issues that their partners have. Principles and methods to identify, cleanse and disintegrate psychic energies and influences in the energy field that cause stress, irritability, anxiety, grief, hysteria, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, addictions, depression, violence, paranoia and other psychological problems.

The result will be peaceful emotions, harmonizing relationships, positive thinking pranic healing psychotherapy and good self-esteem.

Psychotherapy Book – Pranic Healing USA

I had taken several loans that I was unable to pay back. With Pranic Healing, I got into a new business partnership that generated a larger income for pranic healing psychotherapy so that I was able to pay back loans.

Purging negative programming acquired during childhood that could be holding you back from success. Extracting and disintegrating negative energies and patterns of such problems as pranic healing psychotherapy behaviors, phobias, addictions to smoking, alcohol, drugs,food and sugar, and even depression.

Pranic Psychotherapy targets just this.

MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy®

Sharath kumar more testimonials. What will you Learn?

Instructor Leena is amazing and have in depth pranic healing psychotherapy about the topic. Healing the effects of psychic attacks that can cause anxiety attacks, irritability, bad luck or even financial ruin.

Using the tools of psychotherapy, these can be disintegrated helping the patient overcome his emotional problems much more quickly and easily.


In prankc, during class time we encourage the students to do their best to completely remove real-life emotional issues that their partners have. Through this course, the understanding and application of Advanced Pranic Healing techniques to alleviate and pranic healing psychotherapy emotional, mental and psychological disorders are pranic healing psychotherapy in a simple, easy to follow format.

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Techniques for Compulsive Behaviors, Phobias, and Addictions like alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, food pranjc and depression physical and emotionaland more. These energies psychotheraapy often difficult to release,requiring months or even years of traditional psychotherapy to experience any improvement.

Nowadays, most people are grappling with various pranic healing psychotherapy and mental issues like stress and anxiety to severe psychological disorders like depression, phobias and addictions.

Fortunately, MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy can be executed without requiring the patient to disclose any potentially embarrassing personal information. Psychological ailments are basically prnaic result of accumulation of negative thoughts, emotions and traumatic experiences, which are lodged in the Auras and Pssychotherapy.

Pranic healing psychotherapy the book is exhaustive in its explanations, learning the preliminary pranic healing psychotherapy prerequisite Pranic Pranic healing psychotherapy techniques is paramount to be able to understand the terminologies and, most importantly, to safely execute the healing. MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy is an excellent course for those who would like to excel in the field of psychotherapy.

New User Register Now. Home Pranic Psychotherapy Course Level 3. Extraction and disintegration of negative energies and patterns to dramatically accelerate the healing process.