SAE AMS-QQ-N Revision C, July 1, Complete Document. Nickel Plating (Electrodeposited). View Abstract. Product Details. Document History. Find the most up-to-date version of SAE AMS-QQ-N at Engineering 13 Oct Electrodeposited Nickel plating on Steel, Copper, Copper Alloys, Zinc and Zinc Alloys, AMS-QQ-N Class 1, Corrosion Protective coating.

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Sae-ams-qq-n-290 thickness of the top layer of either double- or triple-layer coating should be not less than 10 percent of the total nickel thickness. The vee shall have a 0. Correlation of sae-ams-qq-n-290 1 nickel plating.

SAE AMS-QQ-NA加注中文说明_图文_百度文库

Numbers of items in lot inspections Number of items in samples randomly selected Acceptance number maximum number of sample items nonconforming to any test 15 or less 7 1 0 16 to 40 10 0 41 to 15 0 to 25 1 to 35 1 and over sae-ams-qq-n-290 2 1 Sae-ams-qq-n-290 the number of items in the inspection sae-ams-qq-n-290 is less than 7, the number of items in the sample shall equal the number of items in the inspection lot.

The articles or specimens used for the destructive thickness test see 4. Acceptance sae-ams-qq-n-290 maximum number of sample items nonconforming to any test. Sae-ams-qq-n-290 process shall be considered satisfactory if all specimens chow no indication of cracks or sae-ams-qq-n-290.

This standard is available for individual purchase. The equipment, sae-ams-qq-n-290 and operations employed by a supplier shall be capable of producing high quality sae-ams-qq-n-290 plating8 of nickel on ferrous alloys, copper and copper alloys, zinc and zinc alloys sae-ams-qq-n-290 specified in this document.

Classification Classes Electrodeposited nickel plating covered by this specification shall be of the following classes, as specified: M – Multilayer coating, either double-layer or triple layer.


Class 1 plating shall be of the following grades as specified see 6. Sae-ams-qq-n-290 microscopic corrosion sets in through pores in the top sae-a,s-qq-n-290 material sae-ams-qq-n-290 penetrates the bright nickel layer, galvanic action between the two kinds of nickel tends sae-ams-qq-n-290 cause the microscopic pit to spread laterally in the outer nickel layer.


Form These sae-ams-qq-n-290 have been used typically for electrodeposited nickel plating on steel, copper and copper alloys, and zinc and zinc alloys, but usage is not limited sae-ams-qq-n-290 such applications. Parts such as spring pins,lock rings, etc.

Except sae-ams-qq-n-290 otherwise specified in the contract or order, the supplier sae-ams-qq-n-290 use his own or any other facilities suitable for the performance of the inspection requirements.

Speed up research, capture and reuse expertise For additional product information, visit the IHS Standards Expert page. Class 2 plating sae-ams-qq-n-290 used for wear resistance, abrasion resistance and such incidental corrosion protection of parts as the specified thickness sae-ams-qq-n-290 the nickel plating may afford. The Inspection requirements specified herein are classified as follows: Purchasers should select the preferred options permitted herein and include the following information in procurement documents: The Index, which sae-ams-qq-n-290 cumulative monthly supplements as issued, is for sale on a subscription basis by the Superintendent of Sae-ams-qq-n-290, U.

Equal parts of the two water solutions the cyanide and the persulfate are mixed. Separate specimens see 4. A sample of sae-ams-qq-n-290 parts or articles. The separate sae-ams-qq-n-290 shall be of a basis metal equivalent to that of the articles represented. In no case, shall the minimum nickel plating thickness be less than 0.

Electrodeposited nickel plating covered by this specification shall be of the following classes, as specified:. Sodium or ammonium persulfate gms sae-ams-qq-n-290 liter of water. Mitigate liability and better understand compliance regulations Boost efficiency: The specimens sae-ams-qq-n-290 be Subject to test detailed in 4. Specimens for the production control embrittlement relief test shall be four round notched steel specimens of alloy steel sae-xms-qq-n-290 to QQ-S, sae-ams-qq-n-290 treated to the maximum tensile strength, from one or more heats, and prepared in accordance with 4.

Unless otherwise specified, the plating shall be applied after all sae-ams-qq-n-290 metal heat treatments and sae-ams-qq-n-290 operations such as machining, brazing, welding, forming and perforating of the article have been completed see sae-ams-qq-n-290. Specimens sha21 be heat treated to the maximum tensile sae-ams-qq-n-290 representing production usage.

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What is QQ-N-290 Grade G

sae-ams-qq-n-290 Glacial acetic acid 1 volume. Price and Buy this Standard View Pricing. If the plating thickness at any sae-ams-qq-n-290 on any article or specimen is less than the specified minimum thickness, the lot shall be rejected.

Suitable etchants are as sae-ams-qq-n-290 A lot shall consist of plated articles of the same metal composition, class sae-ams-qq-n-290 grade plated and sae-ams-qq-n-290 under the same conditions and approximately the came size and shape submitted for inspection at one time.

When either of the two etchants are used, the microstructure of the dull or semi-bright nickel layer will be shown to be columnar, whereas that of the bright nickel layer will be banded or unresolved. Failure of one or more of the test pieces sae-ams-qq-n-290 reject the lot. Grade G – 0. Sampling for visual sae-ams-qq-n-290 and nondestructive tests. Unless otherwise specified in the contract or order, conformance to the requirements of 3.

When specified by sae-ams-qq-n-290 procuring activity see 6,2the supplier, prior to production, shall demonstrate sae-ams-qq-n-290 capability of the process sae-ams-qq-n-290 to show freedom from hydrogen embrittlement damage sae-ams-qq-n-290 indicated by satisfactory behavior of specimens prepared see 6.

The results of tests sae-ams-qq-n-290 to determine conformance of electrodeposited platings to all requirements of this specification for definite contracts or purchase order sae-ams-qq-n-290 acceptable as evidence of the properties being obtained with the equipment and procedures employed.

sae-ams-qq-n-290 Caution must be taken as toxic fumes are evolved when these solutions of the chemicals are mixed. Class 1 – Corrosion protective plating Class 2 sae-ams-qq-n-290 Engineering plating Grades Class 1 plating shall be of the following grades, as specified: