NADI ASTROLOGY Prasana A Contemporary Treatise UMANG TANEJA . This book includes chapters according to all the nine events of life in a native viz. brings a huge collection of Astrology books for passionate Astrologers and Begginners and Spiritual Books, Vastu, Palmistry, Face Reading, Luck. 17 May Download Umang taneja books pdf: ?file=umang +taneja+books+pdf. Read Online Umang taneja books pdf.

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If she marries then how will be her marital life? Jupiter signifies 6,7 in Nakshatra and 1,2 in the Sub lord. Rahu signifies 1,2,3,6,8; 1,8,9,12; 10,11,12 in Planet, Nakshatra and Sub lord respectively.

Stronger umanh the DBA planet will indicate the colour of the vehicle. Property purchase involves the entire life savings of an individual. The DBA planets will signify the combination 4,7,8, This booos compels the litigants to compromise the case outside the court. umang taneja books

Not a single Planet in the Horoscope signifies combination of sale of property hence umang taneja books will never umangg able to sell the cottage in his lifetime. Mon 2Y 4M 23D Dasa of Umang taneja books was in operation when native asked the question, Dasa lord Mars signifies 6,12 in Planet and 3,8 in Nakshatra or 3,6,8,12 put together implying loss of property.

He got married to Dr.

Husband of the lady got bail umang taneja books next day. In which direction should Astrologer face and the querist should face at the time of asking the question? It should be umang taneja books that in Natal astrology answers to all events of life can be given on the basis of Natal Horoscope but in case of Horary Astrology answer to only that particular question is given which is asked by the Native.

Now pen down the cuspal degrees of the various houses available in the table.

Umang taneja books pdf | Vedic astrology | Sco

Except Venus all other Planets signify the combination 5,8,12, Illustration -6 When will I get my money back from my friend? This question was asked by the same native who asked the question in previous umang taneja books.


Native will get a job in the DBA planets signifying the combination 2,6,10, Dasa lord Mars and Venus Signify 6,8,12; 7,8,12 suggesting loss. Taking “Seed” from Native: Conclusion is the Dasa is negative for purchase shop in tender. Dasa lord also signifies combination 5,10 of strong determination therefore there is all the possibility that she will marry sheikh. In this book the principles of “Nadi Astrology” have been followed. Dictionary of signification in astrology 2.

If Bhukti signifies 10,11 or 6,11 or 2,11 or 6,10 then there is a gain but if 5,8,12 or 8,12 are signified there is loss of money or reversals in the career. The native loses his job if combination of 5,8,12 is signified in the subsequent DBA. When 3,9,12 continues in the present DBA for quiet some time.

Following combinations should appear with the combination of travel i. Umang taneja books sub lord of 4 th House is Rahu which signifies sale. Mar 2Y 9M 22D Success in interview is assured in the DBA of combinations 3,6,11; 3,11; 3,10, Dasa lord Mars signifies 3,6,11 in the planet; 3,6,10,11 in Nakshatra and supporting Houses in the Sublord viz, 7,9, Mercury umang taneja books the Cuspal Sub lord of 9 ch House in the Horoscope.

Home Items And Gifts. In this case the umang taneja books should be attempted from the ascendant itself. Similarly in third question native desired to go to U.

Rahu is stronger for separation umang taneja books no marriage rather than marriage. This implies that when 3,5 will be signified in DBA of benefics and a separative his desire will be fulfilled.

For taking an idea about the condition of the umang taneja books person in captivity the Planets of DBA have to be seen. Mercury signifies 4 in Planet and Sub lord which suggests purchase of car whereas Bhukti lord Saturn at the time was signifying 5,8,12 when Planet, Nakshatra and Sub lord all put together.

All the three planets signify 2,6,10,11 Houses which states umang taneja books the native will be benefitted in the deal.

Antar Lord Mars is positive but since Dasa and Bhukti lords are bad it will not be able to help. On the other hand if same combination is signified with 6,8,12 in the DBA the property is sold at lower than the market price. Umang taneja books – 26 Will campaign of cigarette help increasing its sale?


Which girl I will marry out of the two? Colour of the Vehicle The planets of the DBA signify colour of umang taneja books vehicle at the time of purchase. Place – Delhi Seed – 7!

Umang Taneja (Author of A Text book of Astrology)

Antra of Moon was running at the time of asking the question signifying 5,8,12 in Sub lord however 10,11 is alo signified. Place of Birth of question or Place of sowing of seed: Mars also signifies 3,11 and 5.

Present Bhukti lord Venus signifies 1,8,12 in the sub Lord therefore travel in this Bhukti is not possible. What is the mening of online astrology, I am not able umang taneja books understand. On the other hand if same combination is signified with 6,8,12 in the DBA the vehicle is sold at lower than the market price. If House 4 is signified with 5,11 or 5,12; 5,8 native has hidden umang taneja books affair However if 4 is connected with 5,8,12 the love affair is hidden initially and after that umang taneja books opens up in front of public.

The new change will be like the other side of the coin.

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In the modern world where education is desired by umang taneja books, sometimes due to compelling circumstances of parents, lack umang taneja books facility in the book place, transfer or otherwise the native has to leave his home for having his education. In all these questions Native is very particular about the question.

SunRahu, Saturn, Ketu. Native is desired to get the claim in the DBA signifying 8,