Escape to Istanbul

From a rooftop terrace neatly sandwiched between the Blue Mosque and the Bosphoros, I decided to catch up on some escape room reviews.  I have been struggling to find the motivation to write about my Birmingham experience (reviews to follow) but last night felt energised by perhaps one of the best rooms I have or will ever play, Odadan Kacis(reviews to follow).  I knew Istanbul was a great city to visit but little did I know what an ‘escape room Mecca’ it was.  Any escape room fans should seriously consider an escape room holiday to Istanbul.

So far I haven’t played a bad room yet.  Armed only with my puzzling queen Nicole we have conquered two, slightly over time but hey, it’s the off season, and we narrowly missed out beating Istanbul’s first ever escape room by a few minutes.  With 4 more still to play I am a little nervous that when you reach the escape room mountain top it’s only down hill from there.

We have Cage404 later and Istrapped’s second room directly after.  I’m going to pop up to the grand bazaar before hand to mentally prepared.  Not sure if it will help but when in Istanbul…

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