Story of Belis

A tale of a captive child in the hands of her family lived in 70’s. It is a thrilling experience for you! Every room you enter will be the only reality surrounding you. Your mind will brake the limits by beating codes, locked doors and old chests. The tale of Belis offers you two scenarios: Horror or thrill? Pick your style before you come.

If you like a challenge in the midst of creepy dolls, errie music and suspense filled surprises then the story of Belis is definitely for you.  The 70s decor puts you on edge from the word go.  Even though we had requested thriller rather than horror.

The guys at Kacis were really kind and let us continue an extra few minutes to complete the game.  Afterwards they talked us through what a horror game would have been played like.  It sounded pretty awesome and we agreed to try the horror theme for our next game.  The suspense filled atmosphere certainly made this one of my favourite games of the trip to Istanbul.  There were some really thoughtful touches that made you really think you were in a remake of Amittyville Horror.  The puzzles were tough and requires a fair amount of thought to work through.  The rooms didn’t require too much searching; nearly everything was in plain sight.  I kind of like that approach, I have played too many games that were scuppered at the last minute by something being overlooked.  There was a great deal of variety in terms of the skill set required to solve the puzzles.  I’m not sure everyone would agree with me but I loved this room.

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