The Double Crossing – Keyhunter

Irwin Gibson, an American spy, was sent to the Russia-China border in order to obtain evidence of large-scale nuclear weapon production. He locates them, but was soon captured by the authorities and locked up in a cell. The American government denies all involvement with his activities, and he soon finds himself walking a lonely path, demotivated by betrayal. The only thing he can do now is escape…

No melon is ever ripe enough for people on TripAdvisor,” says Jared Blank, “…I’m always shocked by the comments: from the quality of the fruit, to the mobile-phone reception on an island in the middle of nowhere…” People complain, people like to complain and it was with that view I took a chance with a generally unpopular (according to trip advisor) KeyHunter. Unfortunately the pinch of salt I need for trip advisor turned out to be more like a bin full of grit just prior to a particularly heavy snow fall. KeyHunter had a lot of potential, I loved the art work and the story for each of the three game rooms. Local media had given it a big thumbs up but in the back of my head I could still hear the trip advisor reviews ringing. We took a chance and booked the “silver” and “gold” rooms.

We arrived with plenty of time to spare and after pressing the buzzer and ringing the bell for a good 10 minutes we were finally let in by a somewhat dishevelled lad in his early 20s who seemed to have just woken up. After a somewhat lacklustre briefing were were taken to our silver room, the double crossing. Ok so the reviewers were right about the seemingly shabby decor and bare surroundings, but surely this would be offset by some ingenious puzzles and clever twists? Nope! With 5 of us and so little in the room we essentially just had to watch each other takings turns to solve the handful of puzzles. We wasted 20 mins on a puzzle that really needed to be repainted. After about 40 minutes we opened the door to freedom…by the end of the game I felt double crossed, where was the second room? where was there the misleading clues? where was the…. anything else!

I will add the star rating in when I get home but needless to say it doesn’t score high.

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