Ziya the Librarian – Istrapped

Ziya the librarian was a man dedicated and in love with his books.  He would spend his entire limited librarian wage on his beloved books; they meant everything to him.  Eventually he would go on to lose his mind thinking about loosing his books and would resort to preventing those who have entered the house from ever leaving.  The only way to ever leave Ziya the librarian’s house is to find his favourite book and decide the clues.

If it hadn’t been for google maps and photos of the entrance on trip advisor I probably wouldn’t have found Istrapped.  The puzzle queen and I debated for a few seconds whether this could possible be ‘it’ as we ascended the dimly lit stone staircase passing door after door of residential properties.  Eventually we spied the Istrapped symbol  (It was only a couple of floors up).  We buzzed and entered.  Now my experience of escape rooms thus far was been relatively similar.  Nice corporate reception area, safety briefing etc… As soon as the door closed we were locked in.  A voice did explain what was happening and then the lights went out.  I remember thinking how awesome this was.  There is a reason the first escape room in Istanbul is still open despite a deluge of competition.  This was a solid complex of rooms interconnected with intricate well thought out connections.  The puzzles were varied in terms of difficulty.  It was always going to be a challenge with just two of us and we very nearly escaped within the hour.  There were just two puzzles that we overlooked a vital component of setting us back 5 minutes.  2 more minutes more we would have escaped.  This is a solid escape room that makes you feel like you are in Istanbul.  Technical this was not, but very much a classic puzzle based room.  It was a really good way of getting back into the escape room mind set.

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