Parijat lived and worked during the sixties and seventies last century, when Nepal was under a rigourous, one party rule. There was no political freedom and life. 14 Mar The latest addition to my website is Parijat’s शिरिषको फूल (Blue Mimosa), a novel by an Indian-born, Nepali writer and one of only two of. Discover ideas about Mimosas. Blue mimosa A.K.A Siris Ko Phool by Parijat. MimosasKos. More information. Saved from. 0.

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Its my blue mimosa by parijat time favorite book. Newer Post Older Post Home. Bel Bibaha or Ehee is a ceremony in Newari community of Nepal in which pre-adolescent girls are married to the… Read more…. This young creation in neplease literature is a milestone in this philosophy.

This book was voluntarily translated in English and is internationally acclaimed. Shiva raj is a blue mimosa by parijat whose life is full of responsibilities, he has at home three unmarried sister and their studies to support. Also, the heroine of this story teaches us that being different is something special, something people will admire about you and that the change starts with you. He is drowned by sins; he is a coward to accept his faults as he knows he has to again correct it.

Maile Najanmaeko Choro the son I did not give birth to was her first short story. Retrieved from ” https: I cannot wait to read more of her writings. The thoughts of the writer are illuminating and make you think deeply about different moments of life.

Biographie blue mimosa by parijat la faim The Life of Hunger.

Blue Mimosa by Parijat (5 star ratings)

She is best known for her novels and among the ten novels she penned, Siris ko Phool the Blue Mimosa became a masterpiece of Nepali literature. Later, Suyogbir stops visiting Shivaraj and his family.


She was highly influenced by the Nepali literature during her childhood period as Darjeeling was the major centre of Nepali language, culture and literature. He is a man of mystery as he never confesses his feelings to the person directly, he always has something up his sleeve blud never lets any other man know no matter how drunk, emotional or aggressive he gets.

I picked up the translated b of this book in an amazing bookshop in Kathmandu as I was keen to read something from a native author. The whole atmosphere of Kathmandu during 70s is quite I read the novel quite long time ago, probably some 13 years ago, during my high-school days! Return to Book Page. Her first novel The Blue Mimosa. While reading this novel we can exactly portray the scenery as it has been beautifully described buy the writer.

You literally fall in love with the writing. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Blue Mimosa by Parijat. Her hair was cut very close to her head, in the style of ancient Hebrew soldiers, and her small, white lobes wore blue mimosa by parijat of black stones.

Preview — Blue Mimosa by Parijat. One of the strong Novel by Nepali writer which is included in the mumosa course in America blue mimosa by parijat some other English Country. Pxrijatpages. This story bleu basically about a person named Suyog, who was a former soldier in the British-Gurkha Army and had fought in the Mlmosa World War ; he had retired after the war was blue mimosa by parijat and now maintained his living by the pension he got.

Refresh and try again.

You feel something is missing and lost bu translation. Probably one of the best book blue mimosa by parijat Nepali literature Shivaraj and Suyog, they met three times in the bar and after the third meet Suyog was invited to visit his house. I was so much dragged into the story that I never wanted it to end; but it did and did it superbly.


Currently you have JavaScript disabled. May be I was too young for such a great piece of fiction, but every sentence blue mimosa by parijat this novel blue mimosa by parijat so well constructed and so powerful! This book has left me with many emotions and one question “Did sakambari love suyogbir, too? They did have presupposition in their mind that smoking is a rebellious and strong act which women are not supposed to do in patriarchal society. Also, he is someone who is one way or another running away from life.

He meets and becomes friend with Shivaraj in the bar. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Blue Mimosa

Born in Darjeeling, India where she completed part of her schooling, she moved to Kathmandu, Parinat where she spent the rest of her blue mimosa by parijat. Dec 20, Satyam Twanabasu rated it it was amazing. Her name Parijat in Nepali language means “the blue mimosa”, a purplish blue spring flower that grew in trees and covered the bu of Kathmandu city. Aug 20, Avijeet Das rated it it was amazing. Its length was accurate neither too long, nor very short.

She is an example of a strong woman, who has her own dignity, self-respect and blue mimosa by parijat sense of purity in her.

Nov 09, Sudipa Ghimire rated it it was amazing.

Apr 20, Prayush Khadka rated it it was amazing. Bel-Bibaha, marriage between a girl and a fruit. Suyogbir unknowingly becomes near to them all and falls in love with Sakambari but he finds difficult to tell her.