Secret Studio

Beneath the pavement – just 100 yards from the British Museum – lies a haunted film studio that’s waiting for you to release its secrets.

I was particularly looking forward to this room for several reason.  Firstly I had a new team to escape with.  3 friends with different strengths: A PE teacher, particularly useful if we needed to throw anything, a drama teacher, useful if we needed to pretend anything, and finally a Media teacher, particularly useful with we needed to… something anything.  Secondly I loved the original premise of the room.

Despite being the new kid on the escape room block Secret Studio has quickly rocketed to 3rd place on the trip advisor “top fun activities and games”.  Once you have found the place, and it is literally in the shadow of the British museum, you may think this looks a bit ‘independent film’ if you know what I mean but don’t let looks fool you.  Secret studios greatest strength is the setting…

The puzzles were very much linked to the progression of the story, combining low tech problem solving and high tech ingenuity.  As usual there wont be any spoilers but one of the great things about this room was the sense of togetherness you had with the team.  There was a real mix of puzzles that could be solved by one and puzzles that required the whole team to take part in.  Im not giving anything away by saying there was more than one room and the atmosphere created was stunning.  There was a definite theatrical feel to the experience.  Well worth a visit.